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Sell Your House Fast in Huntersville, NC

Do you need to sell your home in Huntersville, NC quickly, yet want to get the most value for your real estate investment? We can help!

There are many reasons Huntersville, NC area residents may need to sell their house quickly. We have worked with Huntersville locals who were looking to sell for circumstances including:

  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Downsizing
  • Liens
  • Unable to pay for repairs
  • Problem tenants
  • Foreclosure initiated
  • Change in life circumstances
  • Inherited an unwanted property
  • Other offer fell through

Whatever the reason, we at Maverick Property Group, LLC are here to make the process of selling your home easy, because we buy houses in any condition in Huntersville, NC. Learn more about our process and the benefits of working with us to sell your house fast in Huntersville, NC.

Why We Buy Houses Fast In Huntersville, NC

At Maverick Property Group, LLC we believe that trust is essential when it comes to real estate transactions. So before we tell you more about how it works to sell your home to us, we thought we would share some information about who we are and why we buy houses fast in Huntersville, NC.

Maverick Property Group, LLC has a motto of improving communities one house at a time. We have eight years of experience and invest in real estate education and networking, to meet our mission while helping homebuyers and people like you, who need to sell a home quickly.

We have three pillars that guide our work, which are integrity, knowledge, and agility. These pillars guide our process each time we buy houses in Huntersville, NC. Agility means that we are flexible in how we approach each real estate deal, because we know that each homeowner and homebuyer has their own needs and priorities. Knowledge means that we bring our wealth of market knowledge to every transaction, which can increase your comfort in working with us. Integrity means we act with honor and are guided by our values to always do the right thing.

We strive to make the Huntersville, NC home sales process as easy for you as possible, which means no repairs, no contracts, no handymen, and no hassles. We’ll buy your home as-is, and we can proceed with your Huntersville, NC home sale right away.

The Huntersville, NC Real Estate Market

As a Charlotte, NC suburb in Mecklenburg County, Huntersville, NC has a lot to offer individuals and families. Huntersville is just 14 miles outside of Charlotte, NC making it an ideal bedroom community for those who want to work in Charlotte and live somewhere more tranquil. Commuters can get to downtown Charlotte quickly using the interstate, with offers a high-occupancy vehicle lane, or the express bus service.

The community was named one of the top places to live in America by Forbes Magazine and routinely earns accolades for being one of the safest cities and the best suburbs in NC. Recreational draws in Huntersville NC include Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake, two man-made lakes that lure area boaters. Golfers also enjoy the Huntersville area, which offers one private golf course and two semi-private golf courses. The community invests in amenities for residents, such as seasonal markets, movies, and local festivals.

Families enjoy the Huntersville, NC area for schools since the town has well-ranked public schools plus charter and private schools, which means families can choose the right education for their children without having to worry about quality.

Business professionals enjoy the wealth of employment opportunities they have access to by living in Huntersville, NC. Companies located in the Huntersville area include:

  • SABIC Innovative Plastics
  • Ensemble Health Partners
  • McLaren Applied Technologies
  • Stanley Black & Decker
  • Rubbermaid
  • Novant Health
  • FANUC Robotics America Corp
  • Pactiv Corporation
  • GM Financial
  • Metrolina Greenhouses
  • GF Machining Solution
  • Southwire

Great jobs, great schools, and a great reputation mean that the Huntersville NC real estate market is somewhat competitive. Homes put on the market tend to sell, however the real estate market isn’t so hot that homes sell quickly or home sellers have multiple offers to consider. The average time on the market is two months, after which point most homes sell for less than 2 percent below asking.

While the traditional home sales process works for many people, we understand that it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for someone to make a cash offer for your Huntersville, NC home while respecting the condition and working within your timeline, look to us to help you sell your Huntersville NC house quickly.

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket!

Fill out the short form to get your fair cash offer!

What People Are Saying

“It’s been my distinct pleasure to have worked with the Murphy family in different capacities. Having coached thousands of small business entrepreneurs I can honestly say the Murphy’s have the key component many are missing. That key ingredient is sincere integrity. I can not think of a better group of individuals to work with in any capacity. Wishing Tom, Lara, and Caten all the best.”

– Anthony Moore

How it Works to Sell Your Huntersville, NC House to Us

Odds are you understand a fair amount of how it works to sell your home: You work with a real estate agent to put your home on the market, make property improvements and stage the home, wait for an offer to come in, wait for the home buyer to get mortgage financing, and then wait a bit longer for the closing to take place. It can take months or even years to sell your home using the traditional method.

We understand that timeline just doesn’t work for everyone when you need to sell your home quickly, which is why we do things differently. At Maverick Property Group, LLC we make it as easy as possible for you to sell your Huntersville, NC house quickly and move on. We work with people who seek an alternative to working with real estate agents and people who have worked with agents unsuccessfully — as when an agent is unable to sell the home. We are investors in the real estate market, and we buy houses with cash in Huntersville, NC with no fine print or hidden fees.

We buy houses in any condition in Huntersville, NC which means that:

  • You don’t need to clean up the house
  • You don’t need to make home improvements
  • You don’t need to get an appraisal or have a home inspector out
  • You don’t need to pay the mortgage while an agent shows the home
  • You don’t need to let look-loo neighbors walk through the home
  • You don’t need to pay cleaning or storage fees
  • You don’t need to deal with the stress and uncertainty of waiting for someone to fall in love with the home
  • You don’t need to cover mortgage, utilities, and incidents while waiting to sell your home

We purchase Huntersville, NC homes directly from motivated sellers and in some cases we offer homes for sale to buyers as well. Since we purchase the property directly from Huntersville home sellers, we have the ability to put in an immediate offer. In many cases, we are able to provide a cash offer within 24 hours of your initial contact. We never charge any hidden fees when we buy houses in Huntersville, NC such as an as-is fee, fast closing fee, or any other costs that would arise when following the traditional home sales process.

If you prefer to wait — for instance, if you need to sell your home due to a planned move, but don’t need to leave right away — you can select your preferred closing date and we will work with your timeline. As you can see, we are flexible and adaptable, because we want to make the process as smooth as it can be for you, the seller.

After the offer, we move forward with a real estate closing where you formally sign the house over to us. You’ll receive the cash buyout, which you can use to pay off mortgage or other debts or start your new life. It’s all up to you.

Benefits of Working With Us

While we buy houses in Huntersville, NC quickly, not everyone who works with us needs to sell their home ASAP. Some people work with us because they like the convenience, while others enjoy that they get to keep the full offer without having to pay a commission to a real estate agent.

Whether you need to sell quickly or just want a simple solution to your unwanted home in Huntersville, NC, there are many benefits of choosing Maverick Property Group, LLC.

We are flexible and fair, and work with you on your schedule to buy your home for a fair price. We’ll present a cash offer in as little as 24 hours or wait until you’ve lined up your next move — no pressure.

We position ourselves as a knowledgeable guide who can help you through the process of selling your home and who has no hidden agenda. We aren’t going to waste your time or suggest you spend money fixing up a home which has no guarantee of selling quickly on the open market. We make a competitive offer, pay out quickly, and help you sell your home with less stress and no waiting.

We are committed to improving the health and wellness of Huntersville, NC, which is why we buy homes as-is and sell renovated homes to buyers.

We buy houses in any condition in Huntersville, NC and we are waiting to buy yours. To find out how much cash in your pocket you could keep when you sell to us, call (704) 614-6699 now or fill out the short form above and we will get the process started.


No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket!

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