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We Buy Houses With Cash Davidson, NC

Have an unwanted property? We can help you sell it fast. We purchase houses in any condition in Davidson, NC from home buyers who want cash in hand. Whether your property just needs a little love or is falling apart, we have an offer for you. No house is too small, too large, too old, or too new: we want to make you a fair offer for your home today!

Davidson, NC has a population of 12,684 and housing prices are swiftly rising. A small, tightly-knit community with a lot of charm, Davidson, North Carolina has a number of older homes and foreclosures that still need work. Home values in Davidson, NC have gone up 5.9% over the last year and much of the housing inventory is in great condition. If you want to sell your existing home to buy your next home, you need to get into the market before the prices continue to rise. Don’t wait, you can reach us at (704) 614-6699 or feel free to fill out the short form at the top of this page. We’ll be happy to get our no-obligation home buying process started for you ASAP!


Sell Your House Fast in Davidson, NC

Sometimes people end up with properties that they just don’t want. It could be a starter home that got away from you, a rental unit that was trashed by tenants, or a home that you inherited from your family. Regardless, you may not have the time (or money) to spend fixing it up. With median prices in Davidson, NC quite high, fixing it up to be sellable could be an expensive endeavor.

Buyers can be picky. Sometimes the wrong color of paint is enough to turn them off on a sale. And then there are bigger issues, too: roofs, HVAC systems, foundations. All of these things are things that you don’t need to deal with when you deal with Maverick Property Group, LLC. The team at Maverick Property Group, LLC have the expert specialists needed to make these repairs quickly and cost-effectively.

Median home values in Davidson, NC are high, with the average home selling for over $450,000. A market of that size isn’t likely to tolerate homes that are considered to be ugly or subpar. And there are a number of “ugly” homes that are in fantastic, rising neighborhoods: fixing them up and bettering them will improve property values throughout.

At Maverick Property Group, LLC, we buy houses in any condition in Davidson, NC home sellers offer. We have the resources available to fix houses up, renovate them, remodel them, and resell them. And in so doing, we’re able to improve upon the community.

Our Goal is to Get You The Best Cash Offer For Your Davidson, NC Home

Our goal isn’t just to buy houses cheap. Our goal is to buy houses at fair market prices. We aren’t trying to get the best deals on properties: we’re trying to acquire old, dirty, and damaged properties to restore. When we get those properties, we add value to them through our renovations. All the profit that we get from buying your property is reinvested into the renovation of your property after you sell it to us — and that means that you walk away with as much money as it’s worth.

Every month you don’t sell your property is more expenses for you. You’ll have to pay insurance, property taxes, utility bills, mortgage payments: it never ends. The faster you can sell to us, the faster you can get cash in hand and walk away from your property. If you’re already on your way towards foreclosure, you need to sell your house quickly before you no longer have control. Selling a house to a private buyer is going to take time.

With our optimized process, we’re able to save you money on multiple levels. When you work with us, there are a lot of things you don’t need to spend money on:


  • Repairs and renovations. We take properties as-is, even if there’s significant damage.
  • Real estate fees. You don’t need to pay both a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent: we give you a no commission offer.
  • Concessions. Buyers frequently request additional cash to make changes to a property, such as making repairs.
  • Negotiations. When it comes to a broken down, older house, a buyer may attempt to negotiate your price downwards.

You don’t need to worry about the process of selling a house. Just come to us. We’ll tell you the fair price of your property based on other comparable properties, and be able to get you cash in hand fast. You don’t need to go another week with a property that you don’t want.

You can reach us at (704) 614-6699 or feel free to fill out the short form at the top of this page. We’ll be happy to get the process started for you ASAP!

No Fees. No Commissions. Put More Cash In Your Pocket!

Fill out the short form to get your fair cash offer!

What People Are Saying

“It’s been my distinct pleasure to have worked with the Murphy family in different capacities. Having coached thousands of small business entrepreneurs I can honestly say the Murphy’s have the key component many are missing. That key ingredient is sincere integrity. I can not think of a better group of individuals to work with in any capacity. Wishing Tom, Lara, and Caten all the best.”

– Anthony Moore

Helping the Community First in Davidson, NC

At any given time, there are nearly a hundred foreclosures in and around Davidson, NC. These foreclosures can range from $40,000 to $150,000, and a lot of them need work. These foreclosures are significantly cheaper than the vast majority of houses throughout the area, and for a reason: many of them aren’t in livable condition. We buy houses in Davidson, NC that other people won’t touch.

Many lenders won’t lend money to purchase a property that isn’t in “live in” condition. That can put you in a vulnerable position: either you’re saddled with a property forever, or you need to spend money fixing it. By buying “unsellable” properties and fixing them, we’re giving buyers the opportunity to purchase them using traditional bank loans. This is expanding the opportunities for buyers looking for starter homes.

By reconditioning and renovating properties, we seek to return housing to the community of Davidson, NC. We aren’t just trying to make money: we also want to revitalize the community. This can only be done with the addition of new, viable housing into the market. We don’t want to see beautiful, old houses torn down to make way for new developments. We want to recapture their prior beauty and keep Davidson’s unique charm and history.

There’s a surplus of old, ugly homes that many buyers just aren’t interested in. Maybe they can’t afford to add a new air conditioner or a furnace, or maybe they’re afraid of trying to install a new roof or fix foundation repair. By restoring these houses and introducing them back into the market, we’re able to add value housing while also improving upon neighborhoods. This makes purchasing a house more achievable, especially for first-time home buyers.

We buy houses fast Davidson, NC home buyers want to unload, and we don’t have any of the restrictions and requirements of traditional buyers. We can buy your property today.

You can reach us at (704) 614-6699 or feel free to fill out the short form at the top of this page to get the process of getting your fair cash offer started!

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With a traditional buyer, you’re going to need to find a real estate agent. You’ll need to put your house on sale, fix it up, keep it clean, negotiate with buyers, set terms, and wait for the transaction to clear. Not only can the process of traditionally selling a home take months, but it can also easily fall through. When it does, you’re back to square one.

But we have a better answer. We have streamlined and optimized the process of selling a home, even a home that’s not traditionally sellable.

Don’t spend anymore time on a property that you want to get rid of. We buy houses fast and in any condition. By working with Maverick Property Group, LLC, you can get a fair, cash deal on your property — and walk away. Contact us today to get started.

You can reach us at (704) 614-6699 or feel free to fill out the short form at the top of this page to get the process of getting your fair cash offer started!

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