How to Sell an Ugly House In Mooresville, NC: 5 Ways to Help Buyers Look Past Cosmetics?

The way your house looks plays a vital role when you want to sell your house. They can make or break the impression of your potential buyers. And homebuyers in Mooresville, NC, are very visual and selective. Hence, to sell the house successfully, you need to make your buyers look beyond the appearance. You should let them focus on the features instead. As a result, we will be laying emphasis on how you can sell your ugly house for the best price in this article. To make life easier, you can sell to Maverick Property Group, Mooresville, NC. We buy houses in any condition and at an irresistible rate.

5 Ways To Make Buyers Look Past Cosmetics


Highlight the good features of the home first

This is the first thing you need to do if you want your sale to go through without any hassle. When the potential buyers are inspecting the house, ensure that you take them to the best parts of the home first. It is also important that you are not deceptive during the course of the inspection. Many Mooresville home sellers tend to deceive their buyers by covering up certain hitches they do not want their clients to see. You should be transparent and honest. Yes! It helps.

Fix what needs to be fixed

If your house needs major or minor repairs, ensure that you make these repairs before the inspection. This will thrill the buyer to want to make a purchasing decision after inspecting the house, no matter how ugly it looks. Apart from fixing and putting your house in order, working with Maverick Property Group in Mooresville, NC, will help to explore the hidden value of your house. Hence, ensuring that you get the best price for your property.

Set the stage

If your house looks ugly, you should set the stage and put things into order before listing it on the market. The best way to stage your home is to allow more light to enter the house. You should also packup half of the belongings in the house. Giving your home an open space look is ideal to attract high paying customers. When you work with us at Maverick Property Group, Mooresville, NC, we will help you by hiring a professional stager to transform your ugly home and make it more appealing.

Present the property at its best

Do not leave any stone unturned when presenting your property to potential buyers. As the homeowner, you are required to present your house in the best light so that your potential buyers can have a thorough inspection. By doing this, you will also avoid any form of shady deals.

Negotiate on both price and renovations

If your house is in an ugly location or has other hurdles, the best thing to do for your buyers is to negotiate how to offset it from the asking price. Working with a reputable real estate company like Maverick Property Group will help you in this case. This is because they tend to have good relationships with professionals who can make affordable renovations with a small deposit, then wait for the final payment at settlement.

Wrapping Up

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are times that we appreciate the beauty in something that we did not see at first because someone changed our perspective. A cosmetic flaw shouldn’t stop you from selling your house for the best price. 

Work with us at Maverick Property Group to develop a strategy on how you can focus your potential buyers’ attention on what your house has to offer.

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